Who's Who in History

Celebrate Our Collective History

Whether it’s your family history, your national history, or ancient history, the collected stories of people who lived through the past present a window into that past and what we can apply toward the future.

Every moment in history involved people: living through it, recording it, and passing their stories to us. Some of these people are household names. Many are lost among the pages of history.

Join Kathy each Tuesday when we celebrate some people who made history. You’ll hear about people who inspire us, whose stories intrigue us. We hope you’ll be inspired to learn more about these interesting figures from the past as we open the Kids Corner phones to hear kids’ nominations to add to the Kids Corner Who’s Who in History Wall of Fame.

Who’s Who in History happens Tuesdays on Kids Corner when Kathy tests your knowledge (and research skills) by giving you clues to the identity of our weekly Mystery History Guest. You could win a prize, but you’re guaranteed to earn the greatest prize of all: the prize of knowledge!

The Weekly Mystery History Guest Contest

Click the link above to enter our weekly Mystery History Guest contest. Clues are revealed Tuesdays and you have until the end of Thursdays to enter. Winner is randomly selected from all the correct entries Fridays. 

The Kids Corner Wall Of Fame 

Kathy and the kids nominate various people from history each Tuesday during the Who's Who in History segment on Kids Corner. The list of nominations is at the link above, in alphabetical order.