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Various Photo Apps

Written by  Eric Schuman
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Kids Corner – Photo Apps

On this edition of Kids Corner Tech Talk, we discussed the different ways to take and share photos (and video) with your smartphone. In addition to naming some of the best free apps for the whole family to use, we shared some tips on how to take good-looking pictures on any camera, such as…

• Switching on your camera’s ‘Grid’ feature to help you level the picture and take a straight shot. The grid also helps with a popular photographers’ tip called The Rule of Thirds, where the subject is not centered but instead lines up with one of the lines dividing the frame into thirds.

• Turning the flash on and off. With most camera phones, the flash ends up doing more harm than good (not only to your pictures, but to your subjects’ eyesight!). Instead of using the flash, try adjusting the lighting in the room or where your subject is standing. Remember to follow the rules if a museum, concert venue or theater asks that you not use flash photography.

• There’s a setting on most camera phones called HDR, which stands for High Dynamic Range. If you turn this setting on, your camera will take three quick photos and combine them into one, trying to make up for any differences in lighting between what’s close to you and what’s farther away. These extra photos can end up taking up a lot of extra storage space, and the end result isn’t always great. Best to have this turned off unless you want to play around with it.

On to the apps!


Account required
Filters on photos and videos, more processing on photos
Instagram story 
Can use with FB, Twitter, Tumblr and others
Easy to save pics you post

Account required
More person-to-person
Doesn’t automatically save pics you send
Slightly more ‘private’


No account required
Additional filters available, some are free some are not
Creates Library within app – can take up space
Slightly more advanced, though IG has taken some of its tools

Snapseed (owned by Google)
No account required
One pic at a time
Wide array of filters and tweaks
Can be a bit overwhelming/too many options

No account required
One pic at a time
Similar variety of options as Snapseed
Not as straightforward, but there’s an online & desktop version

No account required
One pic at a time
Can take longer to process picture
Unique filters, but little room to tweak

No account required
Can couple with FB to do live broadcasts w/ filters
Comes with several filters, additional (free) ones can take a little while to download


Boomerang & Layout
IG account required
Boomerang: Takes short video clips & loops back and forth
Layout: Makes multi-pic collages in variety of styles
Easy to use with IG

Account required
Free, with paid upgrade options for more space
Camera Upload automatically syncs pics from phone
Best to use on Wifi, can disable Data Use

Built-in Time Lapse & Slow-Mo camera
Most camera phones also have a Panorama feature (which is fun to use but you need to keep your hand pretty steady to make it come out clearly) and a Timer so you can make the camera take a picture after a certain number of seconds.

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