My May Movie Selection

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In this time of Covid19 and our response to it, I’m reminded of stories throughout history (and movies!) about people dealing with major challenges. There are characters in fiction (Luke Skywalker) and real history (Anne Frank) whose responses to outrageous obstacles have become part of our collective story. In this time of the worst public health crisis of our lifetime, I find some comfort in two things: laughter and movies. This month’s movie makes me laugh about a deadly virus that endangers the life of a Dad. Some of those laughs come from gross humor about bodily functions. Some of those laughs feel like relief in a stressful time. Because of all the bodily function references, Osmosis Jones is rated PG13. Be warned. A lot of wind is broken in this movie. In the tradition of Who Framed Roger Rabbit, this movie combines animated and real-life actors. There’s also epidemiological science! After a lethal virus enters Frank's body, a rogue white blood cell policeman and a cold pill who plays by the rules set out to save their host. Bill Murray plays Frank-- a widowed dad with very bad health habits.

In these days of our being so strict on washing hands, you will see the unfortunate results of Frank’s poor hygiene. One day, he eats a bad egg and gets a disease. Inside his sick body (the cartoon parts of the movie), crimefighter/white blood cell Osmosis Jones (voice of Chris Rock) struggles to save Frank from the evil bacteria that is trying to kill him (voiced by Lawrence Fishburne). Osmosis joins with a cold pill named Drix (voice of David Hyde Pierce) in the quest to save Frank. This movie is a terrific parody of grownup movies about cop buddies, so grownups may like it for that. When I warned you about gross humor, I wasn’t kidding. There is vomiting, pooping, pimple popping…pretty much anything gross the body can do is played for laughs in this movie. There’s also excitement, suspense, and a father/daughter relationship that reminded me of my Dad and me. And, like any movie I recommend: there is a happy ending. Trust me. It was created by the Farrelly Brothers, who are very good at gross-out humor. Rated PG.

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