Summer Movies

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Nothing cools me off like watching the country of Arendelle trapped in perpetual winter. Anna goes in search of her older sister Elsa whose power to freeze has put the country in this position. She gets assistance from a snowman and a (raised by) trollboy. There are some suspenseful scenes, but nothing too intense for the whole family. 

Addams Family Values

This second “The Adams Family” movie sends Pugsley and Wednesday to a horrible summer camp while Uncle Fester gets fooled into marrying a crook. Wednesday organizes misfit campers to take sweet revenge on the camp bigots. Family values of love and loyalty are important when the family joins together to save their beloved uncle. Better for older kids (10+) to get the jokes.

The Parent Trap

Either the 1998 remake (with Lindsay Lohan) or the 1961 original (with Hayley Mills) tells the same story of twin girls who discover each other at summer camp after being split up as babies during their parents’ divorce. The twins play tricks on each other before they realize they don’t just look alike, but are related. A classic story generations have shared.

March of the Penguins

If watching 90 minutes of penguins in the frozen Antarctic doesn’t cool you down, nothing will. This documentary tells of the fascinating yearly journey of the Emperor Penguins to their breeding ground. 


Imagine if Peter Pan had grown up. Now imagine Captain Hook has kidnapped grownup Peter’s kids. This pirate movie tells a great story about staying in touch with the child inside us. It is also very exciting and adventurous and will make you forget the heat.

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