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Director Hayao Miyazaki Director Hayao Miyazaki


At Halloween when there are lots of movies about witches and ghosts and monsters, I head toward movies full of adventure and fun. A little scary element is okay, but I don’t like to get scared a lot. I’ll bet some of your year-round movie favorites (like Harry Potter movies) are perfect for a Halloween movie gathering. These movies are some of my favorites for the Halloween season, including an introduction to one of my favorite movie geniuses, Hayao Miyazaki.

There are supernatural themes to several movies from Miyazaki, a Japanese animator who revolutionized animated modern movies like Walt Disney revolutionized early ones. Spirits and witches and demons are common figures in Miyazaki films. His films are also full of imaginative fascinating flying machines. For Halloween, my favorites are:

Kiki’s Delivery Service (1989) 13 year-old trainee witch Kiki takes her black cat Jiji with her to study her craft for a year, as is the custom. She opens a delivery business for a kind baker who is expecting a baby. This beautifully photographed film is perfect for younger ones.

Howl’s Moving Castle (2004) The Witch of the Waste casts a spell on young Sophie, making an old woman. She takes a job as housekeeper for the mysterious wizard Howl who lives with his apprentice Markl and the fire demon Calcifer. This is a tale of magic, family, and the stupidity of war. It’s wonderful.

Hocus Pocus (1993) Some families have adopted the tradition of watching Hocus Pocus for Halloween. I love this tale of three witch sisters who return to life on Halloween and cause havoc in a small American town. After you’ve watched Hocus Pocus, check out a Revolutionary War ghost story starring Abbott & Costello:

The Time of Their Lives (1946) In 1780, Horatio Prim has a letter from George Washington granting him permission to marry his true love, the maid of a rich man. He and a young woman overhear a plot by traitorous Benedict Arnold, but before they are able to reveal the plot, they are mistakenly killed by colonial soldiers and their spirits are doomed to roam the land where they died. That’s where this tale of history and ghosts begins. Where it ends is modern times (in 1946) and the quest for Washington’s lost letter.

Coraline(2009) I am a sucker for a talking cat, and my favorite talking cat movie is perfect for Halloween. Young Coraline Jones and her parents move to the mysterious Pink Palace Apartments in rainy Ashland, Oregon. She receives a doll that resembles her and discovers an alternate reality to her unhappy life with her distracted parents. There are some graphic scenes of monstrous bug-like characters around “The Other Mother.” This might be little rough on younger viewers.






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