Cabin Fever Flicks

Written by  Kathy O'Connell
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You don’t feel sick. You’re not warm. And yet, people insist you have “cabin fever.” Cabin fever is the feeling we all get when we are stuck indoors for an extended period of time. Winter and its debilitating snowstorms often produce cabin fever.

Symptoms of cabin fever include feeling like everyone in your house is driving you crazy, feeling bored with everything and everyone and generally acting like a pain in the brain to your family. Everybody suffers from cabin fever at some point---grownups and kids---but you can cure some of its symptoms by getting involved with a good movie or book. Check out book suggestions from our Librarian Joe Hilton with the Kids Corner Bookmobile. My movie suggestions are films the whole family can enjoy, even if some family members need help following the plots.

The Gold Rush

This 1925 silent film from Charlie Chaplin is a perfect choice to fight cabin fever because it’s about cabin fever! The Little Tramp (Chaplin’s famous character) plays The Lone Prospector, who is mining for gold during the Klondike Gold Rush. He encounters a bear, villains and a terrible blizzard that traps him in a cabin without food. It sounds sad and scary, but it is truly funny.

Singin’ in the Rain

Now that you have seen a silent movie, how about a 1952 musical about the transition from silent movies to talkies? This is one of the best musicals ever made, and you don’t need to know film history to enjoy it! I first fell in love with this movie because Debbie Reynolds’ character is named Kathy. Soon I was laughing and loving musical dance numbers like “Good Morning,” “Singin’ in the Rain,” and (my favorite) “Make ‘Em Laugh.”

The LEGO Movie

At some point with cabin fever, you may get bored with all your toys…even your LEGOs! This 2014 computer animated film will reignite your energy for LEGO play. It’s the story of construction worker Emmett and the way he and other LEGO figures combat the evil Lord Business. It is also the story of a family where the Dad loves his LEGOs WAY too much. You can do a great service by introducing the adults in your family to this wonderful, imaginative, funny movie. They will be surprised at just how much they can enjoy a whole movie about toys they usually step on in bare feet.

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