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You know how I am about dogs. I love dogs and I don’t love movies where dogs die. For my birthday month of February, I choose “Lady and the Tramp” for my movie. I have a very personal reason for this choice. My mother told me this was the first movie I ever saw, but I don’t remember seeing it that first time. I remember seeing it when the movie was re-released to theatres in the 1960’s. It was warm and romantic and exciting and suspenseful and sad and wonderful…all at the same time. “Lady and the Tramp” is the first movie I remember where I cried because I thought something sad happened, and then I found out it didn’t happen.

“Lady and the Tramp” is a love story about two dogs from two different worlds. Lady is a spoiled cocker spaniel with two friends named Jock (a Scottish terrier) and Trusty (a bloodhound).  Tramp is a stray mutt who spends his time avoiding the dogcatcher. Lady’s comfortable world with her owners (named Jim Dear and Darling) is shaken when they bring their new baby home. Lady is fond of the baby, but circumstances change when Aunt Sarah comes to stay with her two Siamese cats. Lady is blamed for mischief caused by the cats, and she winds up lost in the streets. Tramp helps her and becomes her friend. In fact, they fall in love! There is much more to this wonderful movie, so I won’t spoil everything.

This movie touched my emotions very deeply. Lady feels misunderstood in her own home after the new baby arrives. I think many kids can relate to that. February is the month for Valentine’s Day, and ‘Lady and the Tramp” contains one of the most romantic scenes in movie history when Lady and the Tramp eat spaghetti. This scene is so famous that other movies and TV shows (like the Simpsons) refer to it.


“Bella Notte”

This is a beautiful movie. The colors are rich and vibrant. The music is wonderful…longtime listeners of “Kids Corner” will recognize “The Siamese Cat Song.” There are good examples of loyalty and friendship among the dogs. There is excitement when the dogs are in danger. And as I mentioned earlier, you think something very sad happens…but don’t worry. It’s just a movie trick.

By the way, if you are like me and want a warning if an animal is in danger in a movie, I recommend the website If that site had existed when I was a kid, I never would have cried over a sad movie called “Old Yeller.”



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