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Kids Corner Librarian Joe Hilton picked the book “City of Ember” by Jeanne DuPrau for his January 2020 Kids Corner Book Club selection. I was afraid this movie would make me feel claustrophobic (afraid of closed-in spaces), but it didn’t. The story: Ember is a city built deep within the Earth, but the reasons for building the City and instructions on escaping from the City are long lost. This information would come in handy, since the generator that powers the underground City is beginning to fail, with the result of many blackouts plunging the City into darkness.

Lina and her sister Poppy live with their forgetful Granny. When Lina locates a box, Granny is overjoyed, but she can’t remember why the box is important. You’ll learn the box has historical importance to the citizens of Ember and could help lead to a solution to their energy problems. Lina works with her friend Doon to uncover some of the secrets of Ember, and she discovers some secrets about her own family and the leaders of Ember. This movie has messages about friendship, leadership, and power (electrical and political) within a fascinating story. The underground City of Ember is imaginatively brought to visual life, yet the possibility of doom always hangs overhead. Lina and Doon are excellent young characters whose friendship grows when they swap job assignments. Doon’s father will appeal to “techies” and anyone who enjoys inventions.

The Mayor is played by Bill Murray, one of my favorite actors. He does not remain one of my favorite characters, though. This is a book the whole family should watch. The plot is a little complicated, so be warned. I needed to pause the DVR a couple of times so we could recap the plot. Part of the fun of watching this movie together is explaining the plot to each other.


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