Kathy's Movie Of The Month

Kathy's Movie Of The Month

By Kathy O'Connell

I inherited my love of movies from my Dad. Thanks to him, I discovered Marx Brothers movies and old musicals. My mother mostly took us to the movies in the summer because we didn't have air conditioning and the movie theatres did. I went to a lot of movies that were inappropriate and boring for kids. While The Manchurian Candidate is a fine movie for grownups, no little kid should have to sit through it like I did.

There are movies for kids that might bore grownups (The Rugrats Movie) and movies for adults that kids won't enjoy (All About Eve). They're fine movies, but the whole family may not enjoy watching them together. If your family hasn't discovered The Wizard of Oz, ET, classic Disney movies (like Lady and the Tramp), The Princess Bride and Star Wars, stop reading now and go watch them together as a family.

Each month I am going to select a movie that I think you and your family should watch. You'll have a month to do it - and then, during the following month, call and tell me what you thought of the movie. It's my Movie of the Month on Kids Corner!

Halloween Movies

When I was a very little kid, I had a nightmare after a scary movie. I don’t remember the movie, but I remember the feeling of waking up scared. I think that was the moment I decided not to watch scary movies. For Halloween, I like movies with a little bit of scariness balanced by a lot of humor.