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Kathy welcomed Lee Arnold from the Pennsylvania Historical Society to help explore the rich history of immigration to America. Click READ MORE to listen to the interview.

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The Candy Carnival

Every year, as a favor to the adults out there - we ask the kids that listen to Kids Corner to vote for the most favorite - and least favorite - candy choices. This will help grownups decide on what to purchase when they decide to stock up on Halloween candy this season!

So...... imagine it's Halloween night. As you look into your Trick-or-Treat bag, which candy will you most like to see, because it is your FAVORITE candy and which will you happily give to your mom or dad, because it's your least favorite? 


Kathy will announce the results on Monday, October 23 during the weekly Kindie Music Party. This will give adults enough time to make the wise choice when shopping for Halloween candy that week...


Kids Corner Candy Carnival

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