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My Favorite Nightmare

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I have a confession. Before October 22, 2018, I had never actually watched the movie “The Nightmare Before Christmas.” That didn’t stop me from praising it on Kids Corner, based on the wonderful things I have heard about it. It certainly had been recommended by both kids and adults! For years the Kids Corner staff (especially Eric Schuman) has been telling me what a great Halloween movie this stop-action musical animated tale is. And yet, I had never sat down and watched the entire movie…a very short movie, I must say.


This may be the greatest Halloween movie I have ever seen!! NOTE: I think “The Nightmare Before Christmas” is probably best for kids over the age of 7, although your mileage may vary. Eric Schuman first watched this movie when he was 5, and he did just fine.

This is the tale of Jack Skellington, the King of Halloween Town. After he finishes leading his town’s annual celebration of yucky horrible things for Halloween, Jack becomes fascinated with Christmas Town. Christmas Town is as bright and colorful as Halloween Town is dark and creepy. Jack loves everything about Christmas and the person he calls “Sandy Claws.” He takes a very scientific approach to figuring out Christmas, including kidnapping an important Christmas figure!!

This movie is wonderful!!! It looks beautiful. The characters and situations are original and imaginative. There is a bad guy who looks and sounds really bad, but has great style while he does. The songs are a great match for the story. The whole thing is just creepy enough for enjoyable Halloween entertainment, but not enough to give you nightmares very easily. And you can watch it all over again in a couple of months for Christmas!!

During Halloween Season 2018, “The Nightmare Before Christmas” can be seen on the big screen in local theaters. Some towns make showing this movie an annual event! Check your local movie listings. The story of Halloween Town continues in the 2004 videogame “The Nightmare Before Christmas: Oogie’s Revenge.”

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