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Since the very first show back on January 4, 1988, music has been an important part of Kids Corner. Over the past quarter-century, Kids Corner has helped listeners discover fun, quality music for kids and the grownups around them. Over the past decade or so there has been a new wave of kids music ... we call it Kindie: music created for kids by independent artists. What does that mean? It means that these musicians compose, produce and perform these songs on their own without the support of a major company. They are independent and they are good! 

Since we know how important the music of Kids Corner is to you - we've created the Kids Corner Music Channel! 

It's a audio streaming loop (about 90 minutes or so) featuring some of the best songs by some of our favorite musicians. Below is the playlist and links to the artist's websites - as well as our media player. Click launch and enjoy the music!! 

The Kids Corner Music Channel Mix Playlist 

Imaginary Friend / Secret Agent 23 Skidoo
Food Fight / Joanie Leeds & The Nightlights
Dad Upside Down / Hullabaloo 
Animal Kingdom / Key Wilde & Mr Clarke
L-M-N-O-P Break / The Billy Jonas Band
Scurvy / Captain Bogg & Salty
Pirates On A Train / Nick Bayard 
Stop Your Sobbing / Stacey Peasley
Thingamajig / Lucky Diaz and the Family Jam Band
The Duck Song / John Flynn
Creepy Dead Bug / Trout Fishing In America
Eleanor You Can't Have The Moon / Seanster and the Monsters
Mind Of My Own / Frances England
Whether The Weather / Alphabet Rockers
Why Is Dad So Mad / The Board of Education 
The Cheese Song / Bubboon's Tunes
Getting The Job Done / The Pop Ups
Catboy / Pencilhead and the Playground Punks
Champion Of The Spelling Bee / Danny Weinkauf
The People Exhibit At The Zoo / Jason Didner and the Jungle Gym Jam
Hey There Little Insect / The Good Ms. Padgett
Luke I Am Your Father / Mr. Saxophone
My Family / The Laurie Berkner Band
My Daddy's Record Collection / Sugar Free All-Stars 
Nose In A Book / The Not-Its!
Your Brains'll Fall Out / Soupy Sales
The Beatles / Walter Martin
Uncle Ukulele's Band / Laura Doherty
My Name Is Joe / Bill Wellington
Harriet The Spy / Two Of A Kind
Teach Me Your Magic / Skip Denenberg
Robot Monkey Head / John Hadfield

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