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We’re doing something special at WXPN for a little while. We created a list of thousands and thousands of songs from the XPN music library and placed the list in alphabetical order. Then, on November 30, we began to play them in alphabetical order - one after another, from A to Z! We started with “ABC” by the Jackson 5 and we’ll end somewhere in the Z’s. The XPN A to Z runs 24/7. It’s chance to hear some great music and brush up on your alphabet at the same time! With such an enormous playlist, it will take a couple weeks to get through them all. So, Kids Corner is taking a short break from the radio.

While we’re not on the radio, I hope you’ll check out the Kids Corner Holiday Music Mix! It's a pretty terrific collection of winter holiday tunes from the Kids Corner library that your family can enjoy anytime. Just CLICK HERE and enjoy!

While you’re here, you can also enjoy listening to past segments from Kids Corner. Maybe you’ll be inspired to come up with a pet question for Dr. Mindy Cohan.  Maybe you and your family will try some of Dr. Lisa Chirlian’s Kitchen Chemistry experiments! Check out some of Librarian Joe Hilton’s book recommendations, including his Book Club choice of the month. Learn about some of my favorite holiday movies!  

Because XPN and Kids Corner are all about the music, our special winter holiday music mix features performances from some of our favorite Kids Corner artists. When we’re back on the radio, we’ll bring you even more terrific sounds of the season. Meanwhile, I leave you with a joke that combines Christmas and the alphabet. Try this on the adults in your life. Please note that this joke assumes that the adult hearing the joke knows that there are, in reality, 26 letters in the alphabet. 

How many letters in the alphabet?


Nope! 25! The angel said Noel.

Enjoy XPN A to Z and we’ll be back soon!!


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So much wonderful music for kids and families emerged in 2016!!

There is one-stop shopping thanks to Greatest Hits releases from family favorites Laurie Berkner, Justin Roberts, The Paisley Pickles and Lucky Diaz. Exciting new artists made a big musical splash this year, introducing us to a true family band (Chibi Kodama) and the planet Belopio (Lard Dog & the Band of Shy). There are old favorites creating new sounds with additions to their series on science, history and adventure. A wealth of bilingual albums (123Andres, Moona Luna, Nathalia) entertain all ages. In this season of gift giving, adults who want to bring music (and more!) into the lives of their favorite kids have lots of choices with music, spoken word and comedy to share. Visit these artists’ websites to discover the gold they mined in 2016: Some of my favorite CDs of 2016:

Infinity Plus One Secret Agent 23 Skidoo

Big Things / Lucy Kalantari

Lemonade / Justin Roberts

Sugar Free All Stars / Sugar Free All Stars

Panorama / Moona Luna

Stardust / Chibi Kodama

Camp Songs / KB Whirly

One / Aaron Nigel Smith

Explorer of the World / Frances England

Saddle Up! / The Okee Dokee Brothers

Life’s a Real Dream / Lard Dog & the Band of Shy

Cuando era Pequena (When I was Your Age) / Nathalia

Wake Up and Sing! / Red Yarn

The Rocket Went Up! / The Deedle Deedle Dees

Music and More

These three albums don’t fit easily into any category. They are a mix of music and spoken word that bring comedy suitable for the whole family, real-life experiences of both contemporary kids and historical figures, and a tribute album to a much-loved rocker by some much-loved Kindie performers.

My First Comedy Album / Billy Kelly

A Day in My Life / Live Connections + Henry Houston School

We Stood Up!: Reflections on the Civil Rights Movement / Various Artists