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First Ladies of the United States

Presidential Pets

Veterinarian Dr. Mindy Cohan joins Kids Corner host Kathy O'Connell to explore the rich and colorful history of presidential pets! Once you've listened to part one, click below to listen to part two - as Mindy explores the pets of Presidents Abraham Lincoln up to President Obama!

The History of Computers

WXPN's Eric Schuman joins Kathy O'Connell to explore the rich history of computer technology. Part one of two. Once you've listened to part one, click below to listen to part two!


Robert Drake

Robert Drake

Since the very first show back on January 4, 1988, music has been an important part of Kids Corner. Over the past quarter-century, Kids Corner has helped listeners discover fun, quality music for kids and the grownups around them. Over the past decade or so there has been a new wave of kids music ... we call it Kindie: music created for kids by independent artists. What does that mean? It means that these musicians compose, produce and perform these songs on their own without the support of a major company. They are independent and they are good! 

Since we know how important the music of Kids Corner is to you - we've created the Kids Corner Music Channel! 

It's a audio streaming loop (about 90 minutes or so) featuring some of the best songs by some of our favorite musicians. Below is the playlist and links to the artist's websites - as well as our media player. Click launch and enjoy the music!! 

The Kids Corner Music Channel Mix Playlist 

Imaginary Friend / Secret Agent 23 Skidoo
Food Fight / Joanie Leeds & The Nightlights
Dad Upside Down / Hullabaloo 
Animal Kingdom / Key Wilde & Mr Clarke
L-M-N-O-P Break / The Billy Jonas Band
Scurvy / Captain Bogg & Salty
Pirates On A Train / Nick Bayard 
Stop Your Sobbing / Stacey Peasley
Thingamajig / Lucky Diaz and the Family Jam Band
The Duck Song / John Flynn
Creepy Dead Bug / Trout Fishing In America
Eleanor You Can't Have The Moon / Seanster and the Monsters
Mind Of My Own / Frances England
Whether The Weather / Alphabet Rockers
Why Is Dad So Mad / The Board of Education 
The Cheese Song / Bubboon's Tunes
Getting The Job Done / The Pop Ups
Catboy / Pencilhead and the Playground Punks
Champion Of The Spelling Bee / Danny Weinkauf
The People Exhibit At The Zoo / Jason Didner and the Jungle Gym Jam
Hey There Little Insect / The Good Ms. Padgett
Luke I Am Your Father / Mr. Saxophone
My Family / The Laurie Berkner Band
My Daddy's Record Collection / Sugar Free All-Stars 
Nose In A Book / The Not-Its!
Your Brains'll Fall Out / Soupy Sales
The Beatles / Walter Martin
Uncle Ukulele's Band / Laura Doherty
My Name Is Joe / Bill Wellington
Harriet The Spy / Two Of A Kind
Teach Me Your Magic / Skip Denenberg
Robot Monkey Head / John Hadfield

It's time once again for you to help us build the Top Ten Kids Corner Songs of the year! We've showcased some great music this year along with the great Kids Corner classics found in our music library. Now we need your help to create our top ten song list for 2014. Just click below and tell us FIVE favorite songs that you love hearing on Kids Corner! 

Click here to cast your vote!

Our all-natural science guy Mike Weilbacher has had a life-long fascination with dinosaurs - so who better to introduce us to some lesser known dinosaurs ... listen below!

Each month our all-natural science guy Mike Weilbacher joins us to explore the world around us. In October Mike took us on a walk to explore trees in autumn.

The November Selection

Alanna: The First Adventure
by Tamora Pierce (Series)


This has been another wonderful year of Kindie music. What is Kindie? Kindie is independent music for kids, created by people who care passionately about good music. They just happen to create it with younger ears in mind. While there were a lot of good CDs for kids this year, Kathy O'Connell has selected ten of her most-favorite! 

Check out Kathy's Top Ten CDs of 2014

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This past spring this baby blue jay, likely having fallen from his nest, was brought into the Wildlife Clinic at the Schuylkill Center of Environmental Education. The people who found him couldn’t locate the nest to return him, and so they brought him to the clinic. For the next few weeks, this little blue jay has had many people involved in his care, from dedicated volunteers to our wildlife rehabilitators. Raising a songbird baby can be a real challenge, with a particular diet, a special nest to ensure his legs grow straight, and regular feedings until he’s old enough to feed himself. At the clinic we are careful to make sure the blue jay does not become tame or imprinted, so he can be released into the wild once he’s old enough.

Read the entire story - and see pictures - by visiting THIS LINK

Music is a BIG part of Kids Corner ... kids and adults love listening, discovering and singing along with the songs we play each night! On this MUSIC page, you can enjoy the music of Kids Corner whenever you want - with the Kids Corner Music Channel! Then take time to read CD Reviews from Kathy - learn what to add to your family's music collection! Plus explore the playlists of previous Kids Corner shows and search the database for a specific artist. You can scroll down and check out a list of who's coming to our region to perform live on stage and you'll also find the Kids Corner TV ... a playlist of some of our favorite musicians and their recent videos!

Now you can listen, watch and enjoy live the music on Kids Corner!


In a given month, Kids Corner host Kathy O'Connell receives close to two DOZEN brand-new CDs from musicians across the country and around the globe! Part of her job at Kids Corner is to listen and decide which CDs are just right for Kids Corner. To help those adults shopping for good music for those little ears in their world, Kathy has begun to share some reviews of new CDs you should check out! Click here to learn more

Since we know how important the music of Kids Corner is to you - we've created the Kids Corner Music Channel! It's a audio streaming loop (about 90 minutes or so) featuring some of the best songs by some of our favorite musicians. Click here to reach the playlist and links to the artist's websites - as well as the Kids Corner Music Channel media player.

Sometimes you'll hear a song on Kids Corner but forget the title or the artist - well now, all you have to to is search the Kids Corner Playlists for your answer! Click here and you'll access our database, where you can search for a specific show date or search for an artist!

Of course, if you can't find what you're looking for, just click the envelope in the top right corner of the website and drop us a note - we'll do our best to help you out!

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