Robert Drake

Robert Drake

Dead City: Dark Days
by James Ponti (Series)

Gone Crazy In Alabama
by Rita Williams-Garcia (Series)

Princess Pink And The Land Of Fake Fake-Believe: The Three Little Pugs
by Noah Jones

Mouse And Mole Secret Valentine
by Wong Herbert Yee (Easy Reader)

Kathy inherited her love of movies from her Dad. Thanks to him, she discovered Marx Brothers movies and old musicals. Kathy's Mom mostly took her to the movies in the summer because they didn't have air conditioning and the movie theatres did. Having seen a lot of movies - each month Kathy selects one for you and your family to watch!

Kathy's Movie Of The Month

The January Selection

A Wrinkle In Time
by Madeline L'Engle (Series)

City Of Ember
by Jeanne DuPrau (Series)

Enchantress From The Stars
by Sylvia Engdahl (Series)

The Ear, the Eye, And The Arm
by Nancy Farmer

Memory Maze
by Gordon Korman (Series)