2010 XPoNential Music Festival

Join us in the
Kids Corner Garden
on the Camden Waterfront!

Saturday & Sunday, July 17 & 18
Noon - 6pm
Camden Children's Garden, Camden NJ *

Kids Corner will once again offer over 4 acres of fun on both Saturday and Sunday beginning at Noon, as we "plant ourselves" inside the beautiful Camden Children's Garden!

The interactive Garden includes trainthree indoor exhibits, the Philadelphia Eagles Four Seasons Butterfly House, Ben Franklin's Secret Garden and the Tropical Exhibit, Plaza de Aibonito. The Garden also has amusement rides, such as the Butterfly Spring Ride, the Commerce Carousel, and the peaceful Arrow River Train Ride surrounded by the Railroad Garden. Other exhibits include a Dinosaur Garden, Maze, Picnic Garden, Tree House and five different Storybook Gardens, each designed to explore!

Of course - this is a great chance to meet Kids Corner host Kathy O'Connell and other Kids Corner voices in The Kids Corner Big Tent, sponsored by IKEA - who will provide unique make-and-take crafts each day! Also in the Kids Corner Big Tent is FREE face painting from 1-4pm both days, courtesy of WXPN!

Jane Kirkland Nature Walk

Each year the Camden Children's Garden is considered an oasis for festival attendees, providing a bit of nature and a perfect break from the weekend's festivities! And, smack-dab in the middle of all that beautiful nature is our own Jane Kirkland of TakeAWalk.com who will once again be hosting interactive nature shows throughout the weekend! Her nature discoveries have become the basis for her series of Take A Walk Books and her life-changing experiences in the field help shape this entertaining nature show! Be sure to check out Jane's monthly Kids Corner Nature Reports and learn how it only takes a minute to be in it...

Also - just because you're on the Camden Waterfront - doesn't mean you can't test your brain on Philadelphia history! Our friends at Historic Philadelphia and Once Upon A Nation will join us to share stories from colonial times and even play some colonial games! Swing by their storytelling bench and rest your feet as you travel back in time!

Of course the centerpiece of the Kids Corner Garden will be the non-stop family music on the Kids Corner Garden Stage! A perfect spot for the entire family, the performances start at 1PM each day. The Kids Corner Garden Stage features a mix of shaded seating as well as a breezy grass lawn that overlooks the stage.

Zeo BrothersAll performances start at the top of the hour - so be sure to get their early, to get a good seat! Also, near the stage exit will be the Kids Corner Family CD Store - where you can purchase CDs from all the performers throughout the weekend! Special thanks once again to Zeo Brothers Productions Inc. in Hatboro PA, for providing the sound system for the Kids Corner Garden Stage! Kids Corner proudly endorses Zeo Brothers for all your production needs!

Kids Corner Garden Stage At-A-Glance

1pm - Steve Pullara
1pm - Joanie Leeds
2pm - Two Of A Kind
2pm - Billy Kelly
3pm - Bubboon's Tunes 3pm - Recess Monkey
4pm - John Hadfield 4pm - Ham & Burger
5pm - Yosi & The Superdads 5pm - John Flynn

Saturday, July 17
on the Kids Corner Garden Stage

Steve Pullara

Steve Pullara & His Cool Beans Band / 1pm
There is something about a Steve Pullara show that connects with kids in a special way. He claims a place as one of the descendants of Soupy Sales with his updating of Soupy's "The Mouse." Steve has continually delivered quality, amusing songs in perfect bite-size nuggets, designed to entertain and energize kids, no matter what their age! Parents know that a Steve Pullara show is a friendly, safe, fun experience that their kids will be talking about for days. With his Cool Beans Band, they have become a staple throughout the Greater Philadelphia region and beyond! Steve's ability to entertain, both in song and art, as well as his love for history and family, have made him a wise choice for live entertainment at any family-focused event!
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Two of a Kind & The Give 'Em A Hand Band / 2pm
Two Of A Kind delights audiences of all ages with their music, good humor and audience participation. David and Jenny Heitler-Klevans of Two Of A Kind love bringing people together and building community through music. Their beautiful harmonies accompanied by David's powerful, rhythmic guitar playing and Jenny's multi-ethnic percussion instruments create magic on stage. An award-winning husband-wife duo, Two Of A Kind presents concerts for families and children of all ages, including songs, puppets, movement, and stories - all with an emphasis on interaction and participation.
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Bubboon's Tunes

Bubboon's Tunes / 3pm
Bubboon & Bubbles are officially known as 'Bubboon's Tunes' and in real life they are the creative team of Bill and Jennifer Winegardner, who write, record, and perform their own music, including the Kids Corner classic tune "The Cheese Song"! Bill first created his character, Bubboon, the Royal Fool, at a Renaissance festival. Their voices are comedic, exaggerated, and over the top, which serves the content of the songs perfectly. All of their songs - including their latest hit "Worm Collection" - are truly foolish, completely goofy and ridiculous, and kids (and adults) will find them vastly entertaining!
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John Hadfield / 4pm
John Hadfield, most famous for highly-requested song "Monkeys In The House" and "Robot Monkey Head" has been performing for families for years! John also spends his free time competing in dog agility with his (Akita) dog Kenny, is a black belt in aikido, ski races with the Wilmington Ski Club and owns a Robot Monkey Head - the title of his latest CD! Besides Crash the Clown and The Crash Brothers, John performs The Science Show and Monkeys In The House: John Hadfield in Concert.
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Steve Pullara

Yosi & The Superdads / 5pm
Yosi & the Superdads grab a place among the year’s best with Super Kids Rock! “B-E-A-C-H” conjures up surf and sand with outstanding guitar work that shines throughout the CD. “Yes We Can” celebrates Barack Obama’s inspiration of kids with a mix of bluesy harmonica, joyful rock guitar and references to “The Little Engine That Could.” “Squeaky, the Line Leader” brings hard-driving Ramones-flavored motorcycle music to the saga of a hamster. “Funky Monkey” tricks the ear with folky sounds before bursting forth with funky power. The brass and rhythm sections of this big-sounding band are as strong as the guitar. Yosi’s cover of the Pixies’ “Hey” adds a toddler’s voice on each “Hey” with sweet results. Parents will laugh at “So You Want to Be a Kid’s Rock Star” with lines like “with your business cards you’ll be playing backyards.” It’s music for serious rockers by rockers who don’t take themselves too seriously.
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Sunday, July 18
on the Kids Corner Garden Stage

Joanie Leeds / 1pm
While making the rounds as a singer/songwriter in New York clubs, Joanie found (as in "discovered") herself, managing one of the Manhattan Gymboree locations and singing with and for kids all day long! Life clicked into place when Joanie realized that when she was with children, they transformed themselves into amazing creatures of joy, forgetting how to hold back. Seeing the kids get in touch with their true selves gave Joanie a sense of fulfillment that far surpassed playing for adults on the club circuit. The songs that Joanie Leeds began turning out reflected this sense that life is a joyful adventure, including her new release, I'm a Rock Star!
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Billy Kelly / 2pm
Billy Kelly got his first guitar when he was 15. He got his first guitar string about 6 months later, and went from there. Within 3 years Billy Kelly had all 6 guitar strings, at which point he began saving up for a guitar strap. To make a long story short, Billy Kelly is now 38 years old and he writes and sings songs for kids, and for kids' parents; and for kids' parents' parents (kids' grandparents) and for kids' parents' parents' parents' (kids' great-grandparents). Billy's songs are also for former kids (adults) even if they are not parents, grandparents, or great-grandparents. Some animals also seem to like Billy's songs.
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Recess Monkey / 3pm
Recess Monkey are arguably the most inventive and imaginative, certainly the most prolific, kids' band around today. Their CDs are full of ridiculously catchy songs, witty and silly lyrics, and a smidgen of fascinating scientific facts... and can cause uncontrollable sing-alongs, elicit knowing snickers by grownups, and inspire knock-knock jokesters around the world. Their most-recent CD "Field Trip" was one of the best kids' music CDs of 2009." Read more...
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Ham And Burger / 4pm
The NYC duo of Ham, an enthusiastic pig, and Burger, a cow with a voice reminiscent of Elvis, deliver some inspired hip-hop for all ages. There are plenty of original takes on old standards such as "Hokey Pokey" and the performance is pure silliness, complete with hidden life lessons! Welcome them to the Kids Corner Garden Stage for their second year!
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Bubboon and Bubbles

John Flynn / 5pm
If there is one tradition at the Kids Corner Garden, it is closing the weekend with the wonderful sounds of John Flynn! John has been a part of Kids Corner since the start and his music has always entertained familes for decades! From "The Duck Song" and "Roadkill Cafe" to more recent hits - John knows exactly how to wrap up a wonderful weekend in the Kids Corner Garden; and we're excited to have him here to do that magic once again!
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