2010 XPoNential Music Festival

Join us in the
Kids Corner Garden
on the Camden Waterfront!

Saturday & Sunday, July 17 & 18
Starting at Noon both days!
Camden Children's Garden, Camden NJ *

Kids Corner will once again offer over 4 acres of fun on both Saturday and Sunday beginning at Noon, as we "plant ourselves" inside the beautiful Camden Children's Garden!

The interactive Garden includes trainthree indoor exhibits, the Philadelphia Eagles Four Seasons Butterfly House, Ben Franklin's Secret Garden and the Tropical Exhibit, Plaza de Aibonito. The Garden also has amusement rides, such as the Butterfly Spring Ride, the Commerce Carousel, and the peaceful Arrow River Train Ride surrounded by the Railroad Garden. Other exhibits include a Dinosaur Garden, Maze, Picnic Garden, Tree House and five different Storybook Gardens, each designed to explore!

Jane Kirkland Nature Walk

Each year the Camden Children's Garden is considered an oasis for festival attendees, providing a bit of nature and a perfect break from the weekend's festivities! And, smack-dab in the middle of all that beautiful nature is our own Jane Kirkland of TakeAWalk.com who will once again be hosting interactive nature shows throughout the weekend! Her nature discoveries have become the basis for her series of Take A Walk Books and her life-changing experiences in the field help shape this entertaining nature show!

Additionally, we'll be visited by the Philadelphia Zoo on Wheels! As you know, all of the animals at the Philadelphia Zoo are awesome to see, but some are definitely hands-off. But The Zoo On Wheels will bring some animals that kids can see and touch as well! Animals include a rabbit, bird of prey, reptiles (tortoises, snakes), Madagascar hissing cockroaches - plus there will be some fun crafts and lots of animal knowledge, courtesy of our friends at The Philadelphia Zoo!

Also - just because you're on the Camden Waterfront - doesn't mean you can't test your brain on Philadelphia history! Our friends at Historic Philadelphia and Once Upon A Nation will join us to share stories from colonial times and even play some colonial games! Swing by the storytelling bench and rest your feet as you travel back in time!

Of course the centerpiece of the Kids Corner Garden will be the non-stop family music on the Kids Corner Garden Stage, hosted by Kathy O'Connell! A perfect spot for the entire family, the performances start at 1PM each day. The Kids Corner Garden Stage features a mix of shaded seating as well as a breezy grass lawn that overlooks the stage.

Zeo BrothersAll performances start at the top of the hour - so be sure to get their early, to get a good seat! Also, near the stage exit will be the Kids Corner Family CD Store - where you can purchase CDs from all the performers throughout the weekend! Special thanks once again to Zeo Brothers Productions Inc. in Hatboro PA, for providing the sound system for the Kids Corner Garden Stage!

Kids Corner Garden Stage At-A-Glance

1pm - Steve Pullara
and His Cool Beans Band
1pm - Joanie Leeds
2pm - Two Of A Kind
and The Give 'Em A Hand Band
2pm - Billy Kelly
3pm - Bubboon's Tunes 3pm - Recess Monkey
4pm - John Hadfield 4pm - Ham & Burger
5pm - Yosi & The Superdads 5pm - John Flynn

Saturday, July 17
on the Kids Corner Garden Stage

Steve Pullara

Steve Pullara & His Cool Beans Band / 1pm
There is something about a Steve Pullara show that connects with kids in a special way. He claims a place as one of the descendants of Soupy Sales with his updating of Soupy's "The Mouse." Steve has continually delivered quality, amusing songs in perfect bite-size nuggets, designed to entertain and energize kids, no matter what their age! Parents know that a Steve Pullara show is a friendly, safe, fun experience that their kids will be talking about for days. With his Cool Beans Band, they have become a staple throughout the Greater Philadelphia region and beyond! Steve's ability to entertain, both in song and art, as well as his love for history and family, have made him a wise choice for live entertainment at any family-focused event!
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Two of a Kind

Terri Hendrix / 1:30pm
Terri regretfully has to cancel her appearance - we'll miss her in the Kids Corner Garden and hope to see her soon!

Drummers with Attitude / 2:00pm
Led by Kevin Travers, Drummers with Attitude (DWA) is a diverse group of student drummers and dancers from Bristol Township middle and high schools. The dynamic percussion group has been performing since 2000 throughout the Philadelphia area, including before 20,000 fans at halftime of Philadelphia Sixers’ NBA basketball games and earning an invitation to serve as an honorary group for the Arena Football League’s Philadelphia Soul. This is a chance to celebrate music and our environment, as Drummers with Attitude show you that what might be trash to some, is music to everyone!
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Jonathan Sprout / 2:30pm
Since his first professional appearance in 1972, Jonathan Sprout has recorded nine albums, performed nearly 6,000 concerts and taught hundreds of songwriting workshops throughout the United States. Jonathan delivers another rich punchy packet of diversified heroes with his latest CD American Heroes # 3 - including Wilma Rudolph, George Washington Carver, Cesar Chavez, John Muir and Pocahontas to name just a few. The songs are hip and happening - finely produced and performed tributes to some brilliant folks who have left a strong imprint on our society.
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John Hadfield / 3:30pm
John Hadfield, most famous for highly-requested song "Monkeys In The House" and "Robot Monkey Head" has been performing for families for years! John also spends his free time competing in dog agility with his (Akita) dog Kenny, is a black belt in aikido, ski races with the Wilmington Ski Club and owns a Robot Monkey Head - the title of his latest CD! Besides Crash the Clown and The Crash Brothers, John performs The Science Show and Monkeys In The House: John Hadfield in Concert.
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Steve Pullara

Steve Pullara & His Cool Beans Band / 4:30pm
There is something about a Steve Pullara show that connects with kids in a special way. Maybe it's the infectious joy in his performance. Maybe it's the way he brings together music and art and kids. Maybe it's the good feeling he gives their parents. Or, it could be his love for all things Italian! No matter what it is, you can be sure that Steve Pullara & His Cool Beans Band are always a friendly, fun experience for the entire family!
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Lunch Money / 5:30pm
In the late 90's, an almost comically morose indie pop group called The Verna Cannon once performed for an audience of 7-year olds. Surprised and a little perplexed by the rather melancholy concert, one little boy earnestly remarked, "Your music makes me sleepy." And while the band got many an appreciative chuckle over the comment, singer/guitarist Molly Ledford also walked away thinking she would like to play for children again with a new band project directed at a younger audience. In 2003, Molly enlisted fellow Verna Cannon bandmate Jay Barry (snare) and multi-instrumentalist JP Stephens (bass, mandolin, harmonica) to form Lunch Money. Lunch Money delivers a high-energy show that aims to get children and their parents dancing, thinking and laughing.
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Sunday, July 26
on the Kids Corner Garden Stage

Steven Courtney and his Band of Friends / 12:30pm
Steven Courtney is a performing songwriter who has experienced top notch success. In a span of fifteen years, Steven has performed over 4,000 concerts, recorded 20 full-length albums, produced three concert-length performance videos AND an award winning Children's TV series! Few artists are as committed to expanding the boundaries of children's music and family entertainment as Steven Courtney. Courtney's songs inspire imagination and positive social behavior with a superabundance of creativity added!
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Miss Amy / 1:30pm
Miss Amy is on a mission to teach kids about being fit! As a certified fitness instructor, an acclaimed singer/songwriter with a collection of motivating CDs, and a mom, her programs appeal to families by engaging imagination to foster basic fitness. Her interactive Fitness Rock & Roll™ musical programs focus on the ABC’s of fitness skills - agility, balance and coordination - while supporting the development of a child’s positive athletic identity and promoting a vision for the child to remain physically active into adulthood. So, bring Mom, Dad, Grandma, Grandpa and your best friends to run, jump, roar, waddle, swim and play with Miss Amy Kids Fitness Rock & Roll - a perfect chance to get kids (and adults) moving during this summer Sunday afternoon!
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Ham And Burger / 2:30pm
The NYC duo of Ham, an enthusiastic pig, and Burger, a cow with a voice reminiscent of Elvis, deliver some inspired hip-hop for all ages. There are plenty of original takes on old standards such as "Hokey Pokey" and the performance is pure silliness, complete with hidden life lessons! Welcome them to the Kids Corner Garden Stage for their first time!
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John Hadfield / 3:30pm
If you missed John on Saturday, be sure to catch his wonderful encore performance! John Hadfield, most famous for highly-requested song "Monkeys In The House" and "Robot Monkey Head" has been performing for families for years! From his Monkey fascination to his love of science and mystery - John has become a good friend of Kids Corner and puts on a great show for the entire family!
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Bubboon and Bubbles

Bubboon's Tunes / 4:30pm
Bubboon & Bubbles are officially known as 'Bubboon's Tunes' and in real life they are the creative team of Bill and Jennifer Winegardner, who write, record, and perform their own music, including the Kids Corner classic tune "The Cheese Song"! Bill first created his character, Bubboon, the Royal Fool, at a Renaissance festival. Their voices are comedic, exaggerated, and over the top, which serves the content of the songs perfectly. All of their songs - including their latest hit "Worm Collection" - are truly foolish, completely goofy and ridiculous, and kids (and adults) will find them vastly entertaining!
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Ernie and Neal

Skip Denenberg / 5:30pm
With styles ranging from country to pop and rock to children's music, Skip's music can be heard in all forms. Phillies fans know Skip Denenberg from his moving tribute to Veterans Stadium, "Concrete and Steel". Skip added to his Phillies resume by giving The Phillie Phanatic his very own song, "A Little Bit Phanatic". Most recently, Skip has embraced Harry Potter in the Kids Corner mega-hit "Teach Me Your Magic".
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