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Science Thursday

Monthly Schedule

Check out our team of science experts below! Click on each picture for more information! (the monthly rotation can change on occasion, due to holidays, etc)

Derrick Pitts

FIRST THURSDAYS: Deep Space with Derrick Pitts
We turn our eyes to the skies with Derrick Pitts, the Chief Astronomer of the Fels Planetarium at the Franklin Institute, and boy does he know his star stuff! Visit his page to check out some great links to stars, space and beyond!

SECOND THURSDAYS: Science Fact-or-Fiction with Dr. Lisa Chirlian
Join Dr. Lisa Chirlian as she plays Science Fact-or-Fiction, and gives you a chance to win the greatest prize of all... the prize of knowledge! Additionally, Dr. Lisa presents Kitchen Chemistry - experiements you can do with your family!

THIRD THURSDAYS: Science Says with Mike Weilbacher
Join our 'All-Natural' Science Guy Mike Weilbacher when he plays Science Says and tests your brain about the world around us! Visit his page to learn more about the science all around us!

FINAL THURSDAYS: Nature Reports with Jane Kirkland
Jane Kirkland of is an award-winning author dedicated to educating everyone on the nature that surrounds us and says that nature is not a destination - iIt is right before our eyes, under our noses, and well within earshot! So take a minute to be in it... IN NATURE!

Get ready to take an all-ages trip to the frontiers of knowledge! Bytesize Science translates scientific discoveries into intriguing stories about science, medicine, energy, food and much more! Check out their debut monthly video below!