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Kids Corner is on the radio
Monday through Thursdays from 7-8pm Eastern.

You can listen live on:
88.5fm WXPN-Philadelphia, PA
88.7fm WXPH-Lancaster/York, PA
99.7fm WXPH-Harrisburg, PA
and 104.9fm in the Lehigh Valley, PA

You can also listen to WXPN live worldwide at:

How To Reach Us

You can reach us during the show (only) by calling 1-800-KIDSXPN (1-800-543-7976).

We also have some forms on our site to make it easy to reach us for specific things - for example...

to submit a joke for our Joke of the Week, click HERE.

to request a song, click HERE.

to submit music for airplay consideration, click HERE.

Finally, if you just want to send us an email - simply fill out the form below or write to:

Kids Corner host Kathy O'Connell /

Kids Corner producer Robert Drake /

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