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By Lois Lenski
Alaina from Sewell, NJ
The book Indian Captive the Story of Mary Jemison is a great book to read. It's a true story about a farmgirl named Mary and her house is invaded by Seneca Indians. She is kepy hostage for over a year and when she is let free she feels she can't leave, because she has become a sister to the indians.
By Tony Abbott
Lizzie from Lafayette Hill, PA
Sorcerer starts when Lord Sparr is stranded with his two-headed dog Kem on a deserted island. But it seems that it isn't REALLY deserted. Sparr and Kem meet Beffu, a soup cooking elf and his five Bangledorn monkeys. But instead of having some soup when he stepped in the one room hut, Sparr's memory gets sucked back in time to when he was a young boy and he tells his story. What's going to happen next? Will Lord Sparr be different after he tells the story of his past to Beffu and the monkeys? Or will he stay his old, evil self? Run over to your local library to find out!
By E. B. White
Amanda of Lafayette Hill, PA
I sugest you read Stuart Little by E.B.White because its such a great book. He lives in New York with his Parents, George and Snowbell the cat. Stuart loves adventure. What adventure will he go on next? Read the story to find out!
By Rachel Field
Hannah from Philadelphia, PA
This book follows the story of a doll from when she was first made through "her first hundred years." I love to read the full story of someone, and in a hundred years a lot happens! It's a great story to read and quite historical too!
By Lois Lowry
Ella from Malvern, PA
The Silent Boy is about a boy who has almost no friends at all. The story takes place in 1908 to 1911. Which is good for me because I love things written in a time long ago. At times the book is a little sad but I think it is a great book that more kids should read, in order to learn about that specific time period.
By K. A. Applegate
Lizzie from Lafayette Hill, PA
I recommend the Animorphs series because they are action stories, mixed with magic, sci-fi, and even a little comedy. It is about five kids who gain the power to morph into any animal they chose. But first, they must aquire the animal's DNA - which they must do it in secret! Meanwhile there is something lurking around out there taking over people's brains! These books may be scary to some, but they have sooooooooo much adventure! C'mon, go to your library and read them!
...stories from Historic Philadelphia

Edited by Sandra Lloyd
Eli from Merion, PA
If you love history you will love this book! This book is based on a collection of stories based on a timeline from the Lenape to the Boy Scouts. And all based in and around Philadelphia. This book brings history to life and a better way to learn about history than just reading from a boring text book. I think kids of all ages will enjoy this book.
By Jenny Nimmo
Margaret from Morgantown, PA
If you like Harry Potter you'll love this series. It is about a boy that can travel through pictures. Charlie has evil aunts and evil teachers, who are all trying to take charge of the community. When the Yewbeams (Charlies uncles) and the Bloors (owners of a school & very powerful) try to put evil plans together, Charlie and his friends try to stop them. Mysteries of their past, present and future are all unveiled in this thrilling series!!!
By Jeanette Winterson
Henry from Hershey, PA
Dinosaurs Before Dark is a Magic Treehouse book - number one in the series. I like it because it has lots of dinosaurs in it and my favorite part is when they start to go in to the time of the dinosaurs, because I like when the tree house begins to spin and the wind starts to blow!!
By Arleta Richardson
Kara from Pitman, NJ
It is about a girl named Mabel who goes to teach school in the country. While there she goes through a sickness. Just when things seem to settle down, who is snooping around the schoolhouse? If you like books that are mysterious but have a great ending, read this book!
By Jean Little
Kara from Pitman, NJ
I like this book because its fun. It is about a girl named Anna who moves from Germany to Canada. The teacher there finds out that Anna needs glasses so she has to go to a special school. From Anna is a great book if you like fun books with a superb ending ... read this book!
By Jeff Kinney
Nick from Audubon, NJ
I like Diary Of A Wimpy Kid because it is about a kid who is trying to survive middle school but, of course, runs across a few problems as he struggles through middle school. I like it and recommend it because it is funny and everybody can relate to it. For that reason, I think it can range from grade school to high school.
By Pierdome Baccalario
Mia of Ardmore, PA
Jason, along with his twin sister Julia and best friend Rick, find a door that leads them to Egypt in the time of King Tut ... but in order to come back to this time they need to find a map that has been hidden for years. Before they can, Julia goes missing!! Will they be able to find the map and Julia in time?
By Sally Gardner
Madison from Unionville, PA
The name of the best book ever is I, Coriander by Sally Gardner! This book is really awesome reading choice to young people ages 10 and up. It's about this girl and her vicious stepmom. The stepmom tries to kill her but the girl travels to fairyland for help. If you want to know more, then get going to your library! :)
By Emily Rodda
Shelia from Pilesgrove, PA
I would recommend the Fairy Realm Series By Emily Rodda. I would recommend it because they're suspenseful and you can't put it down after you start reading it!
By Roald Dahl
Luke of Elizabethtown, PA
I like this book because Roald Dahl writes really funny books. I also think it's really cool because it is a big chapter book but anybody could read it; it's really easy! It is also pretty neat because it's about a boy who gets turned into a mouse! Then he has to survive being around big people in a hotel which makes it harder becasue of all the maids.
By Ben M. Baglio
Beth of Ewing, NJ
I recommend this book because it is very interesting. It has a lot of suspense. If you love animals you will learn about many diseases & cures for animals. It is a two problem story so if you like those then read this book.
By Bruce Whatley
Dylan from Newtown, PA I recommend "Wait! No Paint!" by Bruce Whatley. I love it because it's very funny. It's a picture book that tells the story about the three little pigs, but there's a problem. The illustrator runs out of red paint! There's a whole bunch of surprises that happen next. I recommend it to kids because it shows how to spice up a story a little and make it funny.
By Brian Jaques
Jasper from Philadelphia, PA
I really like it because it is an interesting adventure. It is about mice fighting rats.The mice team includes otters, badgers and swallows. The author, Brian Jaques, has done a very good job on it. The Redwall series includes Mossflower and Outcast Of Redwall. I would recommend this book to other kids because it is really descriptive and a good fantasy.
By E. D. Baker
Kyra from Omaha, NE
I enjoy this book because it is funny. The Princess turns into a frog after kissing a frog prince. She has a witch aunt, along with a mother that doesn't like magic. Of course, the Princess is magical and her Grandmother is magical as well!
By Madeline L'Engle
Rosemary from Pennington, NJ
I like this book because it is a good family story, yet has elements of sci-fi and fantasy intertwined with the plot. Also, the characters are very relatable and human, with normal human feelings, faults, and dispositions. I recommend it to other kids because it is a good book to as it has very interesting characters, and is very entertaining, because the plots twists and turns with unexpected events.
By Ruth Stiles Gannett
Claire & Allie from Narberth, PA
My Father's Dragon, Elmer and the Dragon and The Dragon of Blueland are the names of the books I recommend, They are all written by Ruth Stiles Gannett. I liked these books because it has many books in the series. In the first book he goes to a mysterious island to rescue a dragon. Then the other stories are about him and the dragon's different adventures. I recommend this to other kids because it is a fun story.
By Michael Buckley
Alex from Cherry Hill, NJ
I recommend The Sisters Grimm series written by Michael Buckley. It's scary and hilarious! When Puck burps, a fireball comes out of his mouth!!
By Carolyn Keene
Melanie from Mount Laurel, NJ
The Nancy Drew series is about a teenage detective, named Nancy, who hears about town crimes and works with clues,and her friends, to help solve these mind racing problems. I think that these books get kids' minds thinking and really lets them get interested in reading.
By Kristin Earhart
Aimee from West Grove, PA
I submit this book because it is about horses and it teaches you how to be kind to your new friend.
By Dav Pilkey
Jeremy from Princeton, NJ
I suggest Captain Underpants because it's an adventure. Even though there is some crude language, it is still really funny. Two kids names George and Harold bought a 3-D hypno-ring to hypnotize their principal. They hypnotized their principal to be Captain Underpants.
By Frank Beddordi
Lizzy from Mount Laurel, NJ
When her Aunt Redd seizes the throne Alyss must flee from Wonderland to England to escape being killed. But it's down the rabbit hole from there. She must stop the new queen of hearts and show that she is worthy of Queenship in the Queendom. Will she have enough courage?
By Walter Dean Myers
Tim from Philadelphia, PA
I'd like to recommend Three Swords for Granada. It's about three cats named Paco, Askia and Lacy. They fight with swords and the fidorean guards (who are evil dogs) invade their country, Granada. So the three friends are forced to fight the guards!
By Cornelia Funke
Bartholomew from Philadelphia, PA
My favorite book is Dragon Rider by Cornelia Funke. I recommend it to you, and it is not sad. It is a tale of heroism and adventure. The main characters are Ben and his dragon, named FireDrake, and a brownie named Sorrell. In the end, they have to battle and try to defeat the evil Golden One.
By Jeanne DuPrau
Emilia from Hopewell, NJ
Lina Mayfleet works above ground and Doon Harrow works below. Each want to be in the other's location. When Lina finds fragments of an ancient parchment, she and Doon put together to discover a message that seems to be directions out of the city. Is there something beyond the darkness of the city? It will take all of their bravery and ingenuity to find out - before the lights go out forever!
By Jeanette Winterson
Laurel from Spring City, PA
This book is about a girl named Silver who lives in a place where time tornados and time stops happen. Silver has to use a mysterious clock called the timekeeper to stop the time tornados and time itself.
By Tove Jansson
Max from New Hope, PA
I like it because it is a good story about a bunch of strange creatures that live together and go on adventures together. My favorite creature is Moominpapa - he is the dad. I think other kids that like weird things will like this story. It is funny and even if I do not understand the story sometimes, I still like to listen to it. My mom reads it to me.

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