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Our Constitution

Over 11,500 amendments have been introduced in Congress but only 27 have been added to the U.S. Constitution. Can you name all 27? The first 10?

Through partnerships with leading scholars and universities, government agencies, media outlets, and more, the National Constitution Center celebrates the United States Constitution every day, both within its halls and online at

Listen & Learn

Since February, each week on Kids Corner we explore one of the Amendments of the United States Constitution with our friends at the National Constitution Center. You can catch the report live on Kids Corner, or listen to it here afterwards.

Before we began our 27-part series, Kerry Sautner of the National Constitution Center and Kenneth C Davis, author and Kids Corner historian joined Kathy to talk about the United States Constitiution itself. You can hear that chat below, in two parts:

Our Constitution Part One
Our Constitution Part Two

The Amendments

The First Amendment
The Second Amendment
The Third Amendment
The Fourth Amendment
The Fifth Amendment
The Sixth & Seventh Amendments
The Eighth Amendment
The Ninth & Tenth Amendments
The Eleventh & Twelfth Amendments
The Thirteenth Amendment
The Fourteenth Amendment