Kids Corner Mission Statement

Kids Corner is a radio program produced by WXPN-FM, of the University of Pennsylvania. Its primary mission is to provide entertaining and educational programming for children. Kids Corner does this by involving kids in interactive segments, designed to educate, as well as to celebrate and respect their experience as youth.

Kids Corner strives to reach kids through a variety of media and serves as a resource for parents, educators, and professionals in child-related fields. Kids Corner is committed to being a safe place for kids, where they can feel comfortable about themselves, while their parents can feel secure about their children's involvement.


We accomplish this mission by:

  • Providing a stimulating variety of educational and entertainment experiences appropriate for the six to thirteen-year-old.
  • Preparing program content based on principles of learning, input from teachers, parents, children, and other child advocates, and with an understanding of listener attitudes and behaviors.
  • Giving kids the opportunity to demonstrate their knowledge, talent, and abilities in a public way that affirms their ego and supports their own individual uniqueness.
  • Providing kids with opportunities to hear and interact with others, broadening their awareness of various social and ethnic groups.
  • Creating an atmosphere of fun where kids can enjoy being kids.

Certain values guide Kids Corner programming and interactive style. As a result, at Kids Corner, kids will:

  • Be talked to and treated with respect for their intelligence, thoughts, and feelings.
  • Hear music free from unwarranted suggestive or violent lyrics.
  • Become engaged with compelling topics.
  • Be encouraged to express their opinions, talents, and abilities.
  • Hear support to seek the guidance of positive adult figures in their lives.
  • Always learn something.
  • Know that Kids Corner is programmed for them.

Kathy & Robert

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