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Space Travel

Have you ever wanted to travel into space? Well things are lining up that, by the time you're an adult, you might have the chance to travel into deep space. Where would you want to visit? What would you like to see? Our Cool Astronomer Derrick Pitts talks about the hopes for deep space travel sometime soon!

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Great CDs of 2014

This has been another wonderful year of Kindie music. What is Kindie? Kindie is independent music for kids, created by people who care passionately about good music. They just happen to create it with younger ears in mind. While there were a lot of good CDs for kids this year, Kathy O'Connell has selected ten of her most-favorite! 

Check out Kathy's Top Ten CDs of 2014

Kids Corner Book Club

David Balfour, an orphan journeys through the dangerous Scottish Highlands in search for his true birthright and inheritance. Check out the December selection, chosen by Kids Corner librarian Joe Hilton.

The Kids Corner Book Club 

Founding Mothers

Ten years ago, NPR/ABC contributor Cokie Roberts published a book about the ways in which the wives, mothers, daughters and sisters of America's Founding Fathers helped forge the nation. Now Cokie Roberts is back with an illustrated version of that book aimed at kids and she joins Kathy in the Kids Corner studios to talk all about the Founding Mothers: Remembering The Ladies.

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